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Taus Makhacheva is an artist whose work explores her nascent regions (Dagestan, the Russian Caucasus Mountains) and the people, places and behaviours that are significant in it. Makhacheva’s work is often imbued with nostalgia and loneliness, with critical themes such as masculinity, or ideas of luxury in the USSR. Previous works have included a set of films exposing games of masculinity in her local region, such as dog fighting and car racing. For the 55th Venice Biennale she re- produces a film about an abandoned silk-road city Gamsutl through a young male protagonist who ‘dances’ to re-enact the fragmented and largely forgotten history of the settlement. Makhacheva was educated at Goldsmiths College in London and later studied at the RCA. Select exhibitions include the Liverpool Biennial (2012), Affirmative Action (mimesis), Impronte Contemporary Art, Milan, (2011), Expanded Cinema, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow (2010) and Aluminium, IV International Biennale, Baku (2009). Taus Makhacheva lives and works between Moscow and Makhachkala.