Sitara Ibrahimova creates work that is largely photographic, with some recorded performance work. Her images focus on emotive instances conveyed through an individual’s facial expression or pose, or expressed by a fragment or an absence – capturing poignant moments that characterise the everyday. Varying from emotive portraits to images of deserted areas and abandoned objects, each project presents new questions for the viewer. In The Edge (2012), Ibrahimova’s photographs seek to relay the challenges and complications associated with historical and collective memory in the Karabakh region. The project consists of scenes of a now abandoned town that exists on the border of multiple political, cultural, and social groups. Sitara Ibrahimova completed her first degree in Psychology at Baku State University (2004), before graduating in Still Photography from the Famu University in Prague (2010). Select exhibitions include Commonist, YARAT Contemporary Art Space Baku, Azerbaijan (2012), USSR Remix, Prague, Czech Republic (2011) and 7, Photo Festival, Tbilisi, Georgia (2010). Ibrahimova lives and works in Baku, Azerbaijan.