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Shoja Azari is a visual artist/filmmaker whose use of film, painting and photography has created striking and culturally referenced works. Since 1998, Azari and renowned artist Shirin Neshat have developed a unique and successful collaboration, producing over fifteen film/art installations together which have received international acclaim, including their famous project Turbulent (1998), which won the Golden Lion in Venice that year. Women Without Men, a feature film written and directed with Neshat won the Silver Lion in Venice in 2010. Based on the controversial novel by Shahrnoush Parsipour, the film interweaved the lives of four Iranian women in the summer of 1953 – a pivotal moment in Iranian history during an American-led coup d’état. Select exhibitions include Solo Exhibition, Leila Heller Gallery, New York (forthcoming 2013), The Elephant in the Dark, Devi Art Foundation, New Delhi, India (2012), Live Art/Expanded, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (2010), Special Project, Marco Noire Contemporary Arts, Basel Art Fair, Switzerland (2007) and Project Rooms, ARCO, Madrid, Spain (2006). Shoja Azari lives and works in New York City.