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Farid Rasulov produces installations, sculptures, photographs and paintings that play upon modernity and its relation to visual elements of the past. He denies symbolic meanings in his work, which are piqued with humour and often relate to the rapid modernisation of Azerbaijan by calling upon familiar Azerbaijani visual elements. By combining simple cement with this ornamented stained glass for sculptures from his Architectural Dichotomy series, 2013, Rasulov shows the contrast between the old and the new, past and present, and the evolution of a nation from tradition, to modernisation and globalisation. Farid Rasulov originally trained as a Doctor at the Azerbaijan State Medical University. Since becoming an artist, he has represented Azerbaijan at the 53rd Venice Biennale (2009). Select exhibitions include Fly to Baku, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Rome (2012–2013), Actual Tradition, Sharjah Islamic Art Festival, Sharjah, UAE (2012), Commonist, YARAT Contemporary Art Space, Baku, Azerbaijan (2012), 012 Baku Public Art Festival (2012) and the 53rd Venice Biennale, Azerbaijan Pavilion (2009). Rasulov lives and works in Azerbaijan.