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Aida Mahmudova is an artist and the founder and director of YARAT. She creates multimedia sculpture, paintings and installations; many of which recall memories of specific places ora sense of place. One of Mahmudova’s concerns is the rapid modernisation of Azerbaijan since the republic gained independence from the Soviet Union; this fuels her paintings of what she calls ‘untouched places’ that are often barren or featureless locations outside of the city. Her public art work Recycled, which now stands by the site of an old puppet theatre in Baku, uses windows from a beautiful building that once stood opposite her home.

Aida Mahmudova graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, London. She has upcoming solo exhibitions in Zurich and Baku. In 2011, Mahmudova founded YARAT to promote Azeri contemporary art. Select exhibitions include Fly To Baku, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Rome (2012–2013), Commonist, YARAT Contemporary Art Space, Baku, Azerbaijan and Merging Bridges, Museum of Modern Art, Baku, Azerbajian (2012). Mahmudova lives and works in Baku and London.